Explore Our Patented Torchlyte Technology

MoodLyte Technologies is proud to present our patented TorchLyte technology, combining the benefits of stage area lighting with the convenience of your mobile devices that can display images such as Ultra-realistic simulated flames instantly to any color.

TorchLyte™ product series are Special Effects LED Lamps with special effects features including our exclusive Patented Ultra-realistic Flame Effect with selectable full spectrum colors and multiple animation effects. Powered by either rechargeable battery or direct-wired and multiple mounting options. TorchLyte can handle single- and multiple-level control options for as many lamps as needed with Touch, and IR remote-to-mobile device App control.

Offered in two levels: single unit standalone Touch for smaller areas, and our PLUS system for larger event setups to control multiple TorchLyte lamps from one control.

Brighten your patio, walkway and stage with our stunning lighting effects. Great for casual mood lighting or to add excitement to any special event.

Torchlyte Touch

Touch or Optional Handheld IR remote control
12 color & 3 animation effects and Ultra-realistic Patented TorchLyte Flame Effect

Torchlyte Plus

Wireless Master/Satellite system controlled with IR Remote or Mobile Device APP
One Master TorchLyte Plus controls unlimited number of TorchLyte Plus Satellite lamps