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Custom OEM Design

We can custom develop the lighting engine hardware and firmware for you custom needs utilizing addressable pixel strip lighting. These custom designs can includes additional features such as:

  •  Remote control

  •  Field programmable effects

  •  DMX control

  • Passive Infrared sensors

  •  Proximity sensing

  • Mobile device control

  • Audio responsive effects

  •  Light level sensing

  • Battery powered operation

  • High/Low voltage designs


Hardware design is very important in keeping cost to a minimum while maximizing product functionality and we focus on designs with this requirement.

We design from PCB and LED strip integration into you mechanical packaging design requirements.

Lighting diffusion is very important factor in achieving the right look and we are proficient working with specialty diffusion technologies.

Contact with your design requirement ideas and see how far you can go.

All MoodLyte Technologies products are designed and manufactured in the USA

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