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  • EcoLytes FX Rechargeable Color with Remote - 12 Pack
EcoLytesFX™, the Rechargeable Remote Controlled Selectable Color LED Candle System utilizes the latest in table lighting technology. Designed for Nightclubs, Bars, and Special Events, EcoLytesFX™ is the ULTIMATE electronic lamp cell ... setting new standards for table lighting and special effects.

Great for fine dining, nightclubs, theme park venues, spas and special events. Be different, be exciting! Click Here to view EcoLytesFX™ Video.

EcoLytesFX™ is a commercial quality flameless light engine for heavy, everyday use in the home, restaurant, catering and hospitality industry. Inductive charging base avoids all pins, prongs or bothersome slots to line up and also greatly improves the life and reliability of the product. Just drop the LED lamps into the charger slots.

Remotely control the On/Off, Flickering, Auto-Off Timer, Color Mode and Color wirelessly with the hand-held IR remote control and can be used with an unlimited number of LED lamps. Set to Multi-color Mode for constantly changing mood, great for parties or be more interactive and selectively change the color at will.

Each EcoLytesFX™ Remote charger tray holds twelve (12) rechargeable LED lamps with a universal power adapter. Up to 4 charging trays (total of 48 Candles) may be linked together using just 1 power adapter. Sold in sets with proper power adapter included.

Safety: eliminates fire danger and personal injury.
Rechargeable: eliminates battery disposal.
Zero Emissions: no soot or air contaminates.
Energy Reduction: produces no heat, lowering AC energy needs.
Energy Efficient: requires very little energy to operate.
Eco Sustainability: uses no fossil fuels as with candles.

• Wireless IR Remote Controlled
• Remotely control the On/Off, Flickering, Dual Auto-Off Timer, Color Mode and direct color selection
• Inductive Charging use no pin or prongs to ensure long life
• Flickering effect looks just like a real flame
• ON/OFF Switch on bottom of the candle cell for easy control
• Operating time of up to 16 hours, Standby up to 180 hours
• Very Bright Output illumination
• Conforms to Local Fire Code regulations for "no open flame" venues

• Operating Time: 8-hour charge provides up to 16 hours of use
• LED Color: RGB
• Remote control distance: Up to 30 feet
• Charger: Induction Charging
• Battery Type: Internal NiMH
• Charger Dimensions: 1 1/2 inches High x 4 3/4 inches Wide x 12 inches Long
• LED Lamp Dimensions: 2.00 inches High x 1.57 inches Diameter
• Charging Cycles: Approx. 1000 cycles (roughly 3 years of daily use). Each LED lamp has a lifetime of approx. 15,000 hours
• Input Voltage: 100-240 volts
• Operating Voltage: 12VDC

Each 12pc. Set Includes: (12) Rechargeable CandleFX™ LED Lamps, (1) Charging Base & Power Supply, (1) Hand-held Remote Controller per set.

Charging Instructions:
1. Insert power supply jack into base. Plug power supply into socket
2. Red-Green Charging indicator light illuminates Red when charging and turns Green when fully charged. Charge time is approximately 8 hours
3. Candles are recommended for indoor use. They are not waterproof

Remote Control Operation:
* Default mode with Power switch is medium white flickering.
* On - Turns on the Lamps LED, recalls last operating mode and color. (an unlimited number of LED Lamps can be used)
* Off – Turns off the Lamps LED from any mode. (LED Lamp still uses battery power and is still operating when in “Off” mode)
* 4H or 8H– Will automatically turn off the LED Lamps after 4 or 8 hours respectively. Press 4H or 8H instead of the On button to activate timer mode.
* Mode – Pauses or starts flickering as a Toggle action. Notes: a) Best used when lamps are grouped together. b) When no flickering, select color first, then press Mode to pause flicker.
* Multi Color – Rotates through the 12-color pallet over a 40 second period.
* Color Buttons – Selects individual colors

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EcoLytes FX Rechargeable Color with Remote - 12 Pack

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