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Don't Just Feel the Beat - See It!


There's something special about seeing and hearing corresponding art that seems -- well, alive! After all, successful, big-time music showcasers all know that keeping the audience's eyes on the stage is key to any show's success. MoodLyte Technologies has a variety of stage and club special effects products that are guaranteed to do just that: catch the viewer's eye -- products such as our automated music visualizers. These easy-to-use systems react instantly and beautifully to any music that's now playing, with only minimal control and setup.

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dance club lighting Fort Lauderdale FL

Fully Automated Multi-Animation Light Show, Total Music Interactivity on its own.

light controller Fort Lauderdale FL

Single-Channel Wireless Mobile Device App controller for unlimited Lamps. Allows more Lamps and control and still have Music Interactivity Automation capabilities.

light show controller Fort Lauderdale FL

Multi-Channel Wireless Mobile Device App controller for up to 16 Lamps
Simple Real-time operation for an active DJ without any programming and Music Interactivity.

LyteJocky Pro

Multi-Channel Wireless Mobile Device App controller for up to 16 Lamps. Be a Pro with all DMX console features without all the equipment with Music Interactivity.

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Wireless DMX-512 Controlled with Scenes & Chases Up to 180 Channels/Lamps. Interface with your existing DMX system to add Music Interactive lighting with our exclusive linear-designed Strip Lamps.

VisuLyte™ Music Visualizer is fully automatic updating it's patterns based on the audio loudness, frequency and beat. In addition each of the 12 patterns will react with changing color, motion and brightness to visualize all the music's subtleties